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Online registration & Product/service details with pricing structure

Registration: Anyone who are eligible by law could register on this platform using the ‘register’ option and get involved in the online e-commerce business. The eligible members as acknowledged by the Indian contract Act, 1872, Section 11, mean any person who is competent enough to make contracts provided he or she is of age of 18 years or above, is of sound mind and not disqualified from contracting by any other law to which he or she is subject to.

If the User wishes to register with the Website, the User is first required to create a wordpress account (as wordpress is the host content management system) by registering using their email account and a username. The User is then required to sign up with the website using this wordpress account. The user will then receive a link from the website to complete the registration process. This link will allow the User to create a password of their choice. The User could also change their password according to their wish using the password reset option in the website. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and the password and are fully responsible for all the activities that occur through their account. By registering, the User agrees to notify the Website of any unauthorized use of their password or account or any other breach of security immediately. The User is also required to log out of the website at the end of each session for their own data security purposes. cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the User’s failure to comply with the Website’s rules and policies. The User automatically waives any claims against the Website for any loss and damage occurred to them through the use of the Website that has happened due to their failure to comply with the Terms of Use of the Website.

One4allspace reserves the right to change these Terms at any time. Such changes will be effective when posted on the Website and may, at the sole discretion of the Website be notified to the Users from time to time. These Terms will continue to apply until terminated by either the user by closing their account or by terminating the User account. For example, if the Website comes to know of any untrue or false information provided by a User or the Website has reasonable grounds to believe that such information is untrue, false or incomplete, the Website shall have the right to suspend or terminate the relevant User account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Website (or any portion thereof).


All the products sold on one4allspace are at MRP unless otherwise specified. The prices of all products mentioned at the time of ordering will be charged on the date of the delivery except for fresh food products. Additional charges will be collected, or surplus will be refunded in case of fresh food products according to their price set on the date and time of delivery.